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05/18 - 09/24


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(Madagascar): Mikajy provides site-based assistance to address the drivers of key threats to biodiversity in two geographic priority zones (Menabe and Mamabaie). It advances biodiversity conservation in forest and coastal ecosystems, strengthens natural resource management and land tenure security among vulnerable populations, promotes sustainable economic growth in rural communities, and contributes to reduced Global Greenhouse Gas emissions and increased carbon sequestration. Mikajy is critical to achieving the Mission's Country Development Cooperation Strategy objective on sustainable economic opportunities, particularly the Intermediate Result "Natural resources sustainably managed" and supports the foreign policy priority on promoting climate security and resilience...With FY 2021 funds, Mikajy will empower protected area managers and communities to improve forest and marine area management through increasing patrolling, supporting firefighting efforts, and combating wildlife trafficking. Mikajy will contribute to the national reforestation initiative through protected area and mangrove restoration and community-managed agroforestry. Mikajy will provide technical assistance and grants to establish locally-managed marine areas, strengthen the fisheries management plan legal framework to include local "dina" (traditional arbitrage system), and provide training for sustainable fisheries management. It will expand membership in certified vanilla cooperatives and engage in other value chains with private sector partners to diversify incomes and build community resilience. Mikaly will prioritize securing land and resources tenure with decentralized natural resource management governance and civil society empowerment. Mikajy will engage women and youth in income generating activities through village saving loans associations, youth integration training, and conservation-friendly activities including tree nurseries and market gardening...

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