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Vocational Training and Agricultural Education

Data curation


12/14 - 12/14


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The FC project "Vocational training and agricultural training, phase IV" is conceptually linked to the previous FC commitment in the "Vocational training" priority and supports the Ethiopian vocational training sector. The quality improvement and capacity expansion in the training for vocational students and vocational school teachers should be improved in the new phase, especially in agricultural training. The improved alignment of training with the needs of the labor market and the agricultural sector improves the employment and income opportunities of the target groups. With an additional gender component and the expansion of the training occupations to occupations more in demand by women, the project benefits women and girls in particular. With a training and further education measure (A+F) the optimal and sustainable use of the provided equipment is ensured and the qualification of the vocational school teachers is increased. The FC program is part of the Ethiopian Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP 2010/11-2014/15) and the fourth phase of the Ethiopian Education Sector Development Program (ESDP IV). The measures have a synergetic effect with the projects carried out by TC in the field of vocational and agricultural training and with the second development cooperation priority "Sustainable Land Management" (SLM) and, in the future, with the innovation cluster of the BMZ special initiative "A World Without Hunger ".