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5 October 2022
Yuliya Panfil
Dr. Jon Unruh
Eastern Europe

Seven months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, displacing more than 13 million people—one-third of the country’s population—and leveling entire towns.  And yet, despite all odds, Ukraine is turning the tide against its more powerful neighbor. Ukrainian forces have staged a rapid counter-offensive, liberating thousands of square miles of territory that displaced Ukrainians are beginning to return to.

AFP/Luis Tato
17 September 2020
South Africa
Eastern Europe

Por Hermenegildo Langa

Em África, muitas preocupações em torno da exploração de terra são semelhantes, sobretudo a necessidade de evitar conflitos assegurando a posse segura pelas comunidades. O Ruanda é um dos exemplos a seguir, mas há outras experiências, boas e más, sobre as quais vale a pena reflectir.

Can open data empower smallholders and family farmers in Europe and Central Asia?
20 December 2018
Carlos Tejo
Central Asia
Eastern Europe

I had the privilege of representing the Land Portal Foundation at the FAO Expert consultation on “Knowledge sharing for agricultural innovations applicable for smallholders and family farmers in Europe and Central Asia”, which took place in Gödöllő (Hungary) from the 10-13 September 2018.

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