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Observatoire des forêts d’Afrique Centrale

Créé en 2007, l’Observatoire des forêts d’Afrique centrale (OFAC) est une cellule spécialisée de la Commission des forêts d'Afrique centrale (COMIFAC) qui met à disposition des données actualisées et pertinentes sur les forêts et les écosystèmes de la région, visant à informer la prise de décisions politiques et à promouvoir une meilleure gouvernance et une gestion durable des ressources naturelles. L’OFAC bénéficie de l’appui du projet RIOFAC, financé par l’Union européenne.

COMAID works in rural communities in Cameroon, the mission is to support communities achieve sustainable development in areas of land governance, natural resource management, community empowerment.


COMAID was founded in January 2007 and registered on 3rd March 2007 by Cameroon Government with registration N0.010/E.29/1111/VOL.8/APPB.

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The World Rainforest Movement (WRM) is an international initiative that aims to contribute to struggles, reflections and political actions of forest-dependent peoples, indigenous, peasants and other communities in the global South. WRM is part of a global movement for social and environmental justice and respect for human and collective rights.


LandCam (LandCam)

Pendant cinq ans, LandCam collaborera avec les principales parties prenantes à travers le Cameroun pour améliorer les droits coutumiers et officiels liés à la terre et aux ressources naturelles en conduisant au niveau local des initiatives innovantes pour une meilleure gouvernance foncière, et en contribuant aux réformes pratiques des politiques en la matière. Nous créerons de nouveaux espaces pour un dialogue et une réflexion mieux informés, plus efficaces et plus inclusifs, en y associant le public et les médias, ainsi que les plateformes de la société civile.

UPA DI s’est donnée pour mission de soutenir la ferme familiale comme modèle d’agriculture durable en appuyant les organisations professionnelles agricoles démocratiques, les systèmes collectifs de mise en marché des produits agricoles et toute autre initiative structurant l’avenir de l’agriculture dans les pays en voie de développement.


The Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) is a Community based Organization with a mission to promote Private/Public Partnership in the deep countryside of the South West Region of Cameroon. 

It was created in 1995 and filed for official approval in August, 2002 in accordance with Law No 92/006 of August 14th and its Decree of Implementation No. 92/455/PM of 23rd November 1992 in Cameroon relating to the creation of Cooperatives and Common Initiative Groups.

RELUFA works in Cameroon with local communities through Capacity buildings, Conducting Studies and restitution of recommendations to stakeholders, Mobilization of affected local communities and CSOs.

RELUFA has as mission to combat systemic problems generating poverty, hunger and economic, social and environment injustices. This is done through two programs : Extractive Industries, Land and Food Justice


  • Extractive Industries

In this program, RELUFA has identified as objectives:

From villages in rural India to the corridors of power in Brussels, Transparency International gives voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption. We work together with governments, businesses and citizens to stop the abuse of power, bribery and secret deals.

As a global movement with one vision, we want a world free of corruption. Through chapters in more than 100 countries and an international secretariat in Berlin, we are leading the fight against corruption to turn this vision into reality.

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What we do

We are reminded on a daily basis that the natural environment in which we live is vitally important for our well-being, whether it is in the form of climate change, global warming, declining fertility or dwindling natural resources.

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