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25 October 2018
United States of America

Dick Jenkins is a fourth-generation rancher living in Oregon’s most remote county. I wanted to know why he continues living in a rural community, even though life elsewhere might be easier.

13 October 2018
United States of America
Elas parecem estar em toda parte. São pessoas de diversas idades, dormindo sobre papelão ou diretamente no chão, sem teto, debaixo de pontes ou em parques com seus pertences em sacolas plásticas como símbolo de suas vidas em movimento.
José Cícero da Silva/Agência Pública
6 September 2018
South America
Northern America
United States of America
A Universidade de Harvard é detentora de 300 mil hectares de terras agrícolas no Piauí e na Bahia, no cerrado brasileiro, o que equivale, aproximadamente, a 300 mil campos de futebol. Para burlar a legislação brasileira a universidade americana, por meio de seu fundo patrimonial, mantém uma cadeia de negócios com empresas brasileiras e subsidiárias.
3 July 2018
United States of America

This position requires flexibility to work both independently and collaboratively with regional and thematic teams in a dynamic environment, while ensuring that work is completed within established deadlines. We are looking for a dedicated Intern who will take initiative, demonstrate responsibility, and become an integral part of our small and passionate team.

13 June 2018
United States of America

"Walls have never solved problems, whether that's in terms of immigration, in terms of militarization"

EL PASO, Texas - To the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Indians, the water of the Rio Grande that divides the United States and Mexico sanctifies religious rites and purifies their hunts.

15 August 2017
United States of America


Guam’s indigenous people have endured centuries of hostilities

HAGATNA, Guam — The threatened missile attack by North Korea on Guam has prompted calls for peace from the island’s indigenous people, who are weary of yet another conflict after enduring centuries of hostilities.

urbanization forest flickr
7 August 2017
United States of America

“Us guys, we bust our butts. It’s dangerous work doing what we do, but I love it out here. There’s nothing like it.” So stated Tony Gale, a veteran logger from rural New York, in an interview with Huffington Post.

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