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September, 2021
Mekong Regional Land Forum 2021: Land tenure in Mekong forest landscapes: Advancing the recognition of customary rights and responsible investment practices. Summary Report
Créditos: Cícero Bezerra
3 September 2021

Acampamento Luta Pela Vida, agosto de 2021. Créditos: Cícero Bezerra

Evento reunirá cerca de 4 mil mulheres de 150 povos, de todas as regiões do país e dará continuidade às mobilizações do movimento indígena na luta por direitos na capital federal

Naishula Conservancy land control board member Nayiare Noonkiba. Image: CHARLENE MALWA
2 June 2021

Nayiare Noonkiba does not stand out from other Maasai women in Mara North despite the powerful position she holds in her community. 

An owner of huge swathes of land, a leader and a women's rights advocate across the Mara conservancies, Noonkiba's influence in her community is unmatched. 

Opondo entering with a bicycle in her muddy thatched house.
10 June 2021

Opondo Cathy, (not real name due to the sensitivity of the matter), has never owned even a small radio in her entire life. This is a clear indication that the villager may not be aware of critical developments in the country.

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Image Credit — Jason Taylor/ILC

Land. It is a commodity like no other. We live on it. We grow from it. We drink from it and build our futures upon it. But — increasingly and frighteningly so — we don’t share it equally.

The distribution of land has long defined the gap between rich and poor. Now new data shows clearer than ever how the way in which land is being shared and managed profoundly impacts extreme and rising inequality, and the achievement of women’s and girl’s rights.

allafrica-lesotho_ humanitarian crisis has severely impacted education
8 February 2021

LOCKDOWN restrictions aimed at fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in Lesotho have had an unintended adverse negative impact of undermining women's customary land rights, a regional human rights body has found.

Botswana, considered one of Africa’s most politically stable countries, has seen a recent victory in the fight for women’s rights and gender equality. Here is some information about women’s rights in Botswana.
6 November 2020

A Recent Victory

5 May 2021

(Investir au Cameroun) - Le 5 mai 2021, le Premier ministre (PM), Joseph Dion Ngute, a signé un décret annulant l’incorporation dans le domaine privé de l’État de plus de 66 000 hectares de terre dans le département de la Vallée du Ntem, dans la région du Sud du Cameroun.

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VPersonnel de SESDev en pleine campagne de sensibilisation auprès des communautés pendant le confinement dû à la COVID-19 dans le comté de Grand Kru, au Liberia. Photo : SESDev

Aux quatre coins du monde, la pandémie de COVID-19 a généré toute sorte de difficultés inédites pour les organisations membres du réseau RRI et leurs communautés. Dans de nombreux cas, elle a aussi donné lieu à des  nouvelles possibilités d’autonomie pour les communautés locales. C’est l’une de ces opportunités qu’a saisi l’organisation Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (SESDev), une ONG libérienne spécialisée dans les droits de gouvernance sur les ressources naturelles.

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Vietnam (credit: Thinh Hoang Hai)
Southern Asia

The task of opening a large event is never easy. Within a short space of time, you need to set out a clear agenda, freshening the perspective of the viewer, and then clear the decks for discussion to move forwards rather than retread old ground. Following some introductory greetings from Jean-François Cuénod of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Micah Ingalls (Team Leader MRLG) took up the challenge.

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Fonte: Nzira Deus
Sub-Saharan Africa
Nzira Deus denuncia a usurpação de terras e a violência em Moçambique e compartilha estratégias feministas para a organização e transformação.

Por Nzira Deus


Foto: Arquivo pessoal
7 April 2021
Maria de Fátima Batista Barros era uma das principais lideranças quilombolas do Tocantins — Foto: Arquivo pessoal
Maria de Fátima Batista Barros tinha 48 anos e era conhecida pela atuação como educadora e em defesa dos povos tradicionais. Ela era uma das principais vozes do movimento quilombola e negro do Tocantins.

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