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Namati is an international organization that tests the potential of legal empowerment through innovative interventions and research. Through our work, we seek a better understanding of the impacts of legal empowerment and the most effective mechanisms for achieving them. 

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Across the world, women are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. One of the most dramatic effects is the rise in gender-based violence. Traditional and patriarchal systems for addressing abuse, often housed in police and court services, have failed to adequately respond to women’s needs.  

Grassroots justice defenders in every country are stepping up to address institutional gaps and protect the rights of women and girls. Their work highlights the effectiveness of community-based responses to gender-based violence, and may prove crucial to preventing a generational backslide in gender equality. 

Join us on March 18 at 11am EDT at the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum event Justice on the Frontline: Tackling Gender Injustice during the Pandemic, to explore the crucial role of legal empowerment groups in guaranteeing access to justice for women. 

Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, will kick off a discussion among pioneering women’s rights organizations. Each of them are rethinking approaches to justice in ways that recognize communities and grassroots groups as central actors.

The panel will draw on lessons learned from a participatory research project led by more than 15 grassroots organizations around the world — all members of the Legal Empowerment Network. Their comparative experiences with tackling violence against women during the pandemic will inform key recommendations  for the future. 

Let’s come together to better understand the critical role that grassroots organizations and communities play in achieving more and better rights for women. 

In solidarity,

Denise and Jade (THEMIS, Brazil), Linette (FIDA Uganda), Jasminka (ESE Macedonia), Luciana, Marta, and the whole team supporting the Legal Empowerment Network.

PS: To participate in the event, register here as an NGO CSW65 Forum Advocate. You will receive a link that can be used to create a profile and search for the event, “Justice on the Frontline: Tackling Gender Injustice during the Pandemic”. At the event page, click on “Reserve Spot”. For more information on how to navigate the online platform, view this tutorial.

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