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Secure land tenure rights, particularly of local communities and families, indigenous peoples and women, are essential for inclusive and responsible investments. This session series at the Knowledge Exchange Workshop (KEW) will focus on suitable frameworks supporting responsible land investment approaches as part of development cooperation and will provide a space for reflection on the conditions that shape land investments and their potential impacts. Based on positive and negative examples, the series of sessions will provide recommendations on how to make land investments more responsible and based on international guidelines and standards.


  • Share and discuss lessons-learned, challenges, opportunities and experiences (including risks) of partner institutions and GIZ in implementing responsible investment approaches and tools.

  • Exchange of experiences regarding the promotion and uptake of responsible investment approaches and tools into policies, national strategies, and governance systems as well as for upscaling.

  • Identify opportunities and success factors for responsible investment projects and formulate strategic recommendations for upscaling successful approaches.

Session Overview

Session 1: Overview of approaches on responsible investments with case studies from Laos and Uganda.

Session 2: In cooperation with the gender workstream, a discussion on private sector cooperation and gender, women land rights. 

Session 3: Country perspectives from Ivory Coast to Ethiopia on responsible land investment.

Session 4: Analysis of trends and outlook regarding investments in view of current global challenges. 

It is expected that the series of sessions provided bespoke, technical but practical direction to help embed and implement responsible land investments principles to ensure that land tenure and rights remain secure and protected.

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