Webinar: 'Human rights in the forest: How REDD+ projects strengthen human rights in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and local communities' | Land Portal

Successful REDD+ projects that protect forests and preserve biodiversity must work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to safeguard and enhance their rights. Improving livelihoods by providing basic needs and alternative income opportunities is critical to forest conservation that is equitable.


Projects require close and extensive community consultation and strong engagement in governance, built on the foundations of full free, prior and informed consent (FPIC).


This Innovation Forum webinar, supported by Everland, will case study REDD+ projects in Kenya, Cambodia, Colombia and Peru, providing examples from each about how, when done well, REDD+ projects can generate remarkable breakthroughs for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Participants will discuss how financing from the sale of certified carbon emission reduction credits has helped to empower these partnerships with local communities that safeguard and strengthen human rights.


The case studies will illustrate:

  • How REDD+ projects are built upon community-led governance structures
  • The ways in which projects provide opportunities for communities to secure their land titles
  • The comprehensive conservation agreements that enhance partnerships with Indigenous Peoples and local communities that protect livelihoods and forest ecosystems

Hear from panellists:

  • Joshua Tosteson, Everland
  • Charity Lanoi, Chyulu Hills REDD+ Project, Kenya
  • Seraphine Charo, Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project, Kenya
  • Dalila España, Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera REDD+ Project, Colombia
  • José Altamirano, Alto Mayo Protected Forest REDD+ Project, Peru
  • Chhay Kimheak, Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary REDD+ Project, Cambodia Please see below for more information on the REDD+ projects.

This webinar will be moderated by Ian Welsh, publishing director at Innovation Forum.


Spanish translation will be available. 

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