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2 February 2024
We are looking for an experienced and dynamic Senior Finance & Administration Manager to play a pivotal role in guiding the Land Portal towards long-term sustainability and impact. As Senior Finance & Administration Manager, you will oversee all financial and procurement aspects of our
18 April 2023
The Land Portal Foundation has launched a new Land & Investments Portfolio that unpacks the key concepts, terms, international frameworks and policies, and many other aspects critical to understanding how land investments affect society.
9 December 2021
Green Advocates International (GAI), Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD), Natural Resource Women Platform (NRWP) recently launched the Community Advocacy for Land and Livelihood Support (CALLS) project. Launched under the theme: “Communities Defend human rights within rubber concession’ , the
15 September 2021
Almost half (46%) of investors surveyed in sub-Saharan Africa have experienced disputes with local communities over land, new research from the ODI and TMP Systems has found. As part of an ongoing initiative to facilitate responsible land investment, experts have warned companies are failing to
7 September 2021
This position will collaborate with the Director and Research Staff of the Law School's Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment to execute the Center’s applied research agenda on the laws, policies, and practices that shape international investment and its alignment with sustainable development
23 June 2021
The European Investment Bank has large investments in Nepal, with four projects in its energy sector, but has done little to stop rights violations. 
11 June 2021
A whistleblower complaint to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission cites “egregious” violations by ReconAfrica and executives. ReconAfrica, a Canadian company exploring for oil and gas upstream of one of Africa’s most lush and wildlife-rich habitats, may have fraudulently misled
11 May 2021
Demand for funds which cherry pick investments with strong environmental, social or governance (ESG) credentials has surged in recent years. Many of these funds include terms such as 'ethical' or 'impact' in their names. But what do these words actually mean? Below is a glossary of the key terms
3 May 2021
(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The European Investment Bank (EIB) has pledged to address gaps in the implementation of a power project in Nepal, handing a rare victory to indigenous groups and local communities who had raised concerns about being uprooted from their land. A complaint by Nepali
12 November 2020
From 9-12 November 2020, 450 finance institutions from around the world will gather(link is external) for the first international meeting of public development banks, dubbed the “Finance in Common” summit, hosted by the French government. The institutions, which range from the World Bank to the
10 November 2020
Zimbabwe plans to select a financial adviser by Christmas to help it raise US$3.5 billion to compensate white farmers, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube says. Resolving the issue is seen as crucial to restoring Zimbabwe’s relations with Western nations and multilateral lenders, including the U.S. and
9 November 2020
THE weather outlook is favourable to Zimbabwe’s efforts to increase food production but economic challenges, aggravated by the coronavirus (COVID-19), could adversely affect yields. The rainfall outlook for the November 2020-January 2021 period points to a higher probability of above-normal

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