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In the business of ‘doing’ – how gender is operationalized in land governance working with displaced communities in Somalia

21 February 2024
Karel Boers
Rebecca Rosario Hallin

The Saameynta Joint Programme is a project aimed at achieving durable solutions for internally displaced people in Somalia, which currently hosts 3.8 million IDPs. Land governance is at the center of this effort, understanding that tenure security is a fundamental piece of the puzzle to enable durable solutions.

Climate change, conflict and displacement across the Sahel

07 December 2023
Rick de Satge

In a 2009  TED Talk  with over 35 million views, Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks about the danger of a single story and the simplifications that they promote. Her observations are highly pertinent in the case of the Sahel. Persistent single stories in the media and the international policy sphere portray the Sahel region as an area of intractable conflict, drought, famine and displacement, but lack meaningful explanation.

Does strengthening land governance align with fair climate transitions?

11 July 2023
Wytske Chamberlain - van der Werf

Communities in developing countries are increasingly exposed to the effects of climate change. Although they contribute little to greenhouse gas emissions, many communities are at the forefront of climate change and the associated extreme events. They are faced with events that undermine their food security, such as droughts and floods, but also increased pressure on land due to climate-induced migration. In this session, we delved into the nexus of climate change and land governance.

New book on Mekong examines key land issues featuring extensive research

08 December 2021
Romy Sato
Daniel Hayward

Curating land information is part of our daily work in the Land Portal. It includes selecting, categorizing, and enriching information with analysis and/or additional data, graphic visualizations, etc. In times with so much information available to choose from, people are increasingly seeking sources that offer selections of high-quality knowledge and provide analysis that make sense of it. Understanding how partners in the land community are meeting this demand is a great source for us to improve our work of curating, and providing meaning to land data.


Informality of land and labour poise to expand COVID Toll: Securing Land Tenure, also critical to secure Nutrition

01 July 2020
Pranab Choudhury
Basanta Kumar Kar
Arabinda Kumar Padhee

Covid-19 pandemic has further worsened India’s hunger and malnutrition woes, more so for the millions of informal workers, now  struggling to meet two ends in their rural homes, post the mass migration from their place of works, during lockdowns. Their embedded informality over labour, land, housing tenure, has uprooted and shaken them with loss of income, occupation and habitat, multiplying their already entrenched nutrition vulnerability.