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farm tenancy

A farm tenancy is a contractual agreement whereby the tenant farmer, the lessee, agrees a tenancy with the landowner, the lessor. The tenancy will identify the piece of land leased, together with the other terms and conditions, including rent.

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Agricultural Development in Uzbekistan: The Effect of Ongoing Reforms
Reports & Research
December 2008

Agricultural transition in Uzbekistan, as in all CIS countries, is driven by a process of land reform, which involves redistribution of land among producers and concomitant changes in farm structure. In this article we review the process of land reform since Uzbekistan’s independence and examine its impacts on agricultural growth and rural family incomes.

Reports & Research
February 2008
South Africa

A key challenge facing South Africa’s economic development is overcoming the structural poverty created through the systematic dispossession of the majority of its citizens.

January 1999
Sub-Saharan Africa
Latin America and the Caribbean

Literature review, focusing on recent and contemporary tenancy structures in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Tenancy for purposes of this review is broadly defined to include different leasing arrangements such sharecropping, labor tenancy, fixed cash rentals, and reverse leasing.

Conference Papers & Reports
January 1972

The Second United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Africa held at Tunis in September 1966, the Niger in association with Madagascar; presented a resolution recommending that the ECA organize a seminar on cadastre.

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