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land conflicts

Disagreement over land, where specific individual or collective interests related to land are in opposition.

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Reports & Research
July 2020

Nuestro informe anual sobre asesinatos de personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente de 2019, muestra el número más alto de muertes en un solo año hasta la fecha. 212 personas defensoras de la tierra y el medio ambiente fueron asesinadas en 2019, un promedio de más de cuatro personas por semana.

Reports & Research
May 2020

We estimate how a shift towards a more extractive resource policy, brought about by a regulatory reform of the mining sector, affected civil conflict in the Philippines. Our empirical strategy uses a difference-in-differences approach that compares provinces with and without mineral deposits before and after the reform.

Reports & Research
April 2020
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America
Neste relatório avaliamos a situação da exploração madeireira no estado do Pará entre agosto de 2017 e julho 2018.
Reports & Research
March 2020

Estudio de caso sobre la organización comunitaria Comunitaria Tolan Juyu’ Taqaj’ y su lucha contra el Proyecto PET-1-2009 de la empresa Transportadora de Energía de Centroamérica (TRECSA). Forma parte de la serie Situación de riesgo y estrategias de autoprotección.

Thematic Case Study 3
Reports & Research
March 2020
Western Africa
Sierra Leone

This paper is one of three thematic case studies resulting from a set of pilot projects undertaken jointly by civil society and private business partners from 2016–2019 in five countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Note de synthese
Conference Papers & Reports
March 2020

Cette note synthétise les présentations et les échanges qui ont eu lieu lors du séminaire dédié aux enjeux du foncier rural au Mali, organisé à l’initiative du CTFD en avril 2019.

RELAPU land conflict resolution cover
Training Resources & Tools
January 2020
Sub-Saharan Africa
Eastern Africa

Land in Uganda is a delicate resource that has caused many conflicts over the past years. About 80% of pending court cases in the country relate to land today. Looking at the country’s violent history, a rising population and increasing impact of climate change on agriculture productivity, land rights in Uganda are contested to this day.

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