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Policy Papers & Briefs
June 2017

یعرض ھذا التقریر النتائج الرئیسیة والخلاصات الأساسیة لمؤشر حوكمة الموارد لعام 2017. ويقيس المؤشر حسن إدارة الموارد في 81 بلدا تنتج  82 في المائة من النفط في العالم، و 78 في المائة من الغاز، ونسبة كبيرة من المعادن، بما في ذلك 72 في المائة من جميع النحاس.

Reports & Research
May 2017

El Proceso Campesino y Popular del Municipio La Vega, Cauca (PCPV) es una experiencia popularcampesina y comunitaria de autonomía y resistencia enmarcada dentro del municipio de LaVega, localizado al sur del departamento del Cauca, a 3 horas aproximadamente de Popayán,capital departamental.

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death? cover image
Reports & Research
May 2017

London Mining Network is an alliance of human rights, development, environmental and solidarity groups working in support of communities around the world who are badly affected by mining companies based in, or financed from, London.

Manuals & Guidelines
April 2017

This guide provides information for companies in the mining, oil and gas sector - and their consultants - on how to undertake a gender impact assessment to gain and maintain a “social licence to operate” with impacted communities and avoid conflict and costly shut-downs. It

• describes some important principles and approaches that should underpin a gender impact assessment,

Legislation & Policies
Other legal document
March 2017
South Africa

Writ­ten sub­mis­sions on the MPRDA Amend­ment Bill 15D of 2013 to the Gaut­eng Leg­is­la­ture, made on behalf of the Land Access Move­ment of South Africa (LAM­OSA), the Amadiba Cri­sis Com­mit­tee (ACC), and Bench Marks Foun­da­tion.

Reports & Research
Journal Articles & Books
February 2017

This study focuses on the local and regional impact of large-scale gold mining in Africa in the context of a mineral boom in the region since 2000. It contributes to filling a gap in the literature on the welfare effects of mineral resources, which, until now, has concentrated more on the national or macroeconomic impacts.

Reports & Research
February 2017

With the start of a commodity boom cycle in the early 2000s, many resource-rich countries reaped benefits as prices for commodities increased over the ensuing decade. Many of these countries see mining as a central element of modernising their economies, and actively promote investment in the mining and extractives sector.

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