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South America

El presente Decreto Supremo tiene por objeto implementar mecanismos de resguardo de las áreas productivas a fin de garantizar la seguridad alimentaria con soberanía.

Eastern Europe

The Committee entitles its regional, provincial, territorial branches to carry out permanent information of the population through mass media of the availability of land suitable for organization of peasant farms, collective gardening and truck farming, individual housing and summer cottage construction and the modalities of allotment of the plots of land destined for this purpose.

Journal Articles & Books

The dispersion has given rise to a different mode of city production. Throughout history, urban planning has sought to act on several occasions about the growth of the city and the preservation of green space. In the present work aims to identify the tools that provide the Greater London Plan and the Holland Notes to finish the city while preserving the rural space.

Journal Articles & Books

Urbanisation and economic transformation - the growth of non-farm, industrial and service sectors - offer many opportunities for improvements in poor people's lives.The crucial challenge is to ensure that places work better for people, providing an enabling and supporting environment for changing livelihoods and economies.

Reports & Research

El trabajo pretende desde una perspectiva académica contribuir a la discusión sobre la búsqueda de soluciones eficientes e implementables para los problemas de contaminación ambiental en Colombia y se centra en el análisis particular del problema de contaminación del Río Bogotá.


This project paper concern to introduces the following changes in the Ukraine, Rural Land Titling and Cadastre System Development Project, which into account difficulties experienced with completing the legal framework for parts of the project due to institutional rivalries that have not been resolved.

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