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Notwithstanding any other law in force in the Territory, the terms and conditions of the pastoral lease or the fact that rental in respect of a pastoral lease may have been paid in pursuance of such terms and conditions in respect of the financial year before the Administrator's assent to this Act was declared, the rent payable in respect of a pastoral lease for the financial year is the r

Burkina Faso
Western Africa

Le présent décret détermine, en application des dispositions de la loi n° 034/2002/AN du 14 novembre 2002, les modalités d’identification et de sécurisation des espaces pastoraux d’aménagement spécial et des espaces de terroir réservés à la pâture du bétail, qui visent à la promotion de l’élevage, notamment la sédentarisation et la modernisation à terme de l’élevage traditionnel, la garantie au

Western Africa

Le Code pastoral définit les règles générales devant régir la pratique de l'élevage traditionnel en République de Guinée. Le Code pose les principes juridiques relatifs à l'organisation de l'exploitation des ressources naturelles à des fins d'élevage, à la garantie des droits d'usage pastoraux, aux règlements des différends entre éleveurs et agriculteurs.


The purposes of the Act are to provide for pest management for land and for stock route network management, it consists of 333 sections and is divided into 11 Chapters. Chapter 1 concerns the purpose and application of the Act and clarifies the relationship of the Act with the Nature Conservation Act 1992, the Forestry Act 1959 and the Dividing Fences Act 1953.

Eastern Africa

This Regulation implements provisions of the Proclamation of The Southern Nations, Nationalities And Peoples Regional State on rural land rights and use. It applies to all types of rural land and lands used for agricultural purposes in urban territory.

Northern America

The present Regulation implements the Crown Lands Act (Chapter C340). Section 2 establishes that no person shall graze livestock on Crown land except under the authority of: a) a lease under the Agricultural Crown Land Leases Regulation or b) a permit issued by the director under this Regulation.

Northern Europe

The Order aims to provide subsidy to clear overgrown areas which need preparation for grazing in order to ensure improvement of conservation of habitats and species in specifically designated areas set out by Natura2000.





Conservation Letters (Conservation Letters)

Conservation Letters : A Journal of the Society for Conservation Biology



The motto of the Copperbelt University is "Knowledge and Service" . Enshrined in the motto are the following strands:


The Dedan Kimathi University of Technology motto is: “Better Life through Technology”.



To be a Premier Technological University Excelling in Quality Education, Research, and Technology Transfer for National Development.



The Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (EASSRR) is a bi-annual journal published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA). Since the publication of its maiden issue in January 1985, the EASSRR has been serving as a regional forum for reflective thinking and critical discourse on the economic, political, and social aspects as well as development issues of the countries and sub-regions within the Eastern and Southern African Region


International Journal of Social Science Studies journal encourages and publishes research and studies in the field of Anthropology, Archaeology, Area Studies, Communication Studies, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Management, Philosophy,Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The International Land Coalition (ILC) is a coalition of civil society and intergovernmental organizations promoting secure and equitable access to and control over land for poor women and men thro

MISSION: To contribute to improved livelihoods through offering a bridge between communities, stakeholders and policy makers in the promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources.

VISION: To become a centre of excellence in promoting the application of appropriate land policies, laws and management practices by empowering society through innovative and knowledge based advocacy and capacity building in Kenya and the region.

LDGI values of Integrity, Trust and Professionalism influence the way we work every day and everywhere.


The Lawyers' Environmental Action Team (LEAT) was established to ensure Tanzania's environment and natural resources are sustainably managed.

Their mission is to enhance the capacity and participation of the people in sub-Saharan Africa to sustainably manage their natural resources and environment through legal, policy and other strategic interventions.

LEAT’s major activities are conducting legal and social-policy research, advocacy work, public interest litigation and giving legal advice.


Maliasili Initiatives is a non-profit organization that supports the growth, development and performance of leading civil society organizations working to advance sustainable natural resource management practices in Africa.


Excellent administration and management of land for sustainable development



To implement an efficient land administration and management system in order to ensure equity in access to land


  • Efficiency
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Innivativeness
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Rule Of Law
  • Independence


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Mission & Vision: 

To promote the livelihoods of Indigenous pastoralists through preservation of their cultural values, utilization of locally available resources and informed participation with consent for their development. To have Indigenous pastoralist community attain sustainable development and have its culture recognized, respected and preserved

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