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Resilience is the ability of people, communities and systems that are confronted by disasters or crises to withstand damage and to recover rapidly.

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July 2021

Secure land tenure is key to eradicating poverty;increasing agricultural investment and ensuring food security;and is an essential element of climate action and climate resilience. Yet women have far weaker rights to land than men.

May 2021

Includes overview;the problem: Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) finance a destructive model;current situation: DFIs write off loans;impacted communities face repression;human rights abuses;the role of European DFIs;recommendations. The negative outcomes experienced in the case of Feronia Inc.

Peer-reviewed publication
March 2021
United States of America

Growing external pressures from human activities and climate change can exacerbate desertification, compromising the livelihoods of more than 25% of the world’s population. The dryland mosaic is defined by land covers that do not behave similarly, and the identification of their recurring or irregular changes over time is crucial, especially in areas susceptible to become desertified.

Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021
United States of America
South Africa
Southern Africa

In the context of current agrarian reform efforts in South Africa, this paper analyses the livelihood trajectories of ‘emergent’ farmers in Eastern Cape Province. We apply a rural livelihoods framework to 60 emergent cattle farmers to understand the different capitals they have drawn upon in transitioning to their current class positions and associated vulnerability.

Land Use Policy
Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021
United States of America

Livestock production is under increasing scrutiny regarding its impacts on the environment and its wider role in climate change. Consequently, there are a growing number of private agri-environmental schemes (AES) now operating alongside public AES that offer farmers economic rewards to maintain and enhance the environment.

Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021

Land degradation, especially soil erosion, is a societal issue that affects vineyards worldwide, but there are no current investigations that inform specifically about soil erosion rates in Chinese vineyards. In this review, we analyze this problem and the need to avoid irreversible damage to soil and their use from a regional point of view.

Peer-reviewed publication
January 2021

Modern urbanism is called to face current challenges ranging from intensive demographic growth, economic and social stagnation to resources salvation and climate changes. Under the broader scope of sustainability, we argue that the transition to a holistic perspective of smart and regenerative planning and design is the way to face and yet to prevent these urban challenges.

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