The multimedia category is fairly self-explanatory in the sense that it contains all non-bibliographic resources that exist in the Land Library. This can vary from videos, maps, audio files, infographics and even website descriptions.

December 2003
Southern Africa

A crops specialist and a livestock specialist from the Matopos research station describe technologies being developed to support smallholder farmers experiencing drought

December 2002

In Mwanza district, Malawi, thirteen villages have, for the last five years, been involved in a project to make fruit juice from indigenous species - Baobab and Tamarind. As a result people in the area are now planting more indigenous trees, rather than cutting them for charcoal and firewood.

May 2011
Eastern Africa

In early May 2011, people working on the Nile Basin Development Challenge ( met in Addis Ababa in a 'science and reflection workshop'. In this session 4 of the workshop, participants discussed what-how-why of some of the different aspects of water and productivity across Nile projects. This video contains video reports from the group discussions

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