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Library New Country Profiles Posted Under PRRG Products

New Country Profiles Posted Under PRRG Products

New Country Profiles Posted Under PRRG Products

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September 2010
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Country profiles for 62 USAID presence countries have been drafted to provide information on key issues and constraints for land tenure security, legal framework and land administration, as well as summaries of tenure issues with freshwater, trees and forests and minerals for each country. Check back under the PRRG Products tab, Country Profiles for additional profiles.
In the early 2000s, ARD, with support from USAID—through GLT2—facilitated the development of land tenure profiles for 86 countries around the world. These profiles provided important information on fundamental land tenure issues, including tenure types, legal framework, and land administration and institutions. While some profiles had certain shortcomings, many profiles were effective in informing US government (USG) foreign assistance agencies in Washington and missions abroad, and contributed to policy discussions and the design of new strategies and investments.
Based on the success of this first set of profiles, PRRGP was tasked with developing a second generation of country profiles for 62 of the 86 countries profiled under GLT2, including many countries that receive significant USG foreign assistance. The 62 countries are grouped into three categories—Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 countries—with Tier 1 countries being the most important from a USG investment perspective. PRRGP project partners, ARD and its subcontractors The World Resources Institute (WRI) and The Rural Development Institute (RDI), aim to post all 62 profiles on the PRRG portal by the end of 2010. Please check back under the PRRG Products tab, Country Profiles: for new profiles.

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