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Library Impact of Land Rights on Girls' Education

Impact of Land Rights on Girls' Education

Impact of Land Rights on Girls' Education

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September 2012
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Here’s a short video (within the blog post) from Landesa that “connects the dots” between securing land rights and improving educational opportunities for girls. The connection may not be immediately clear so teasing out the links – which the blog does – is important:

“Sometimes land allows families to stop migrating and grow roots in a community. Other times a land title provides families with the proof of residency they need to enroll their child in school or obtain the tuition subsidy that makes school affordable. And often legal control over land is what allows families to start investing in their land to improve their income and their harvests and that is what pays school fees and buys school uniforms. And research has indicated that children whose parents – especially mothers – have secure rights to the land they farm, enroll in school earlier, have better educational outcomes and stay in school longer. Each extra year of primary school boosts a person’s future wages. Girls who finish primary school have fewer children, and healthier and better educated children.”

To learn more about women’s land and property rights see here.

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