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Library Regularities of peat deposit settlement after drainage

Regularities of peat deposit settlement after drainage

Regularities of peat deposit settlement after drainage

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October 2015
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Investigation of the process of transformation of the properties of drained peat soil appears a serious scientific problem for the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. The article deals with the research of regularities of peat deposit settlement after drainage. The most important factors, determining the process of peat settlement are outlined. Among them are: the depth of ground water reduction, initial power capacity of peat cover, degree of peat settlement degradation, time factor. The results of investigation over the peat deposit settlement have been presented. The linear extrapolation of the research results has been suggested. Mathematical model of settlement of peat deposit after drainage has been proposed and tested. This model integrates two stages of settlement process, and its efficiency is confirmed by high statistical indicators of coordination of theoretical curve and experimental points.

Впервые предложена и апробирована математическая модель осадки торфяной залежи после осушения и сельскохозяйственного использования. Справедливость предложенной модели, обобщающей две стадии процесса осадки, подтверждается высокими статистическими показателями согласования теоретической кривой и опытных точек.

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