Simplified methods for spatial sampling: application to first-phase data of Italian National Forest Inventory (INFC) in Sicily | Land Portal

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December 2006
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Methodological approaches able to integrate data from sample plots with cartographic processes are widely applied. Based on mathematic-statistical techniques, the spatial analysis allows the exploration and spatialization of geographic data. Starting from the punctual information on land use types obtained from the dataset of the first phase of the ongoing new Italian NFI (INFC), a spatialization of land cover classes was carried out using the Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) method. In order to validate the obtained results, an overlay with other vectorial land use data was carried out. In particular, the overlay compared data at different scales, evaluating differences in terms of degree of correspondence between the interpolated and reference land cover.

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Cullotta S
La Mela Veca DS
Maccari F
Cibella R
Marchetti M


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