Land use characterization and change detection of a small mangrove area in Banacon Island, Bohol, Philippines using a maximum likelihood classification method | Land Portal

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December 2015
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Geospatial information of small mangrove islands in the Philippines is usually lacking. Such information is vital to monitor mangrove cover change and craft plans for their sustainable management. This study was conducted to provide some land use information about Banacon Island in Bohol province. The island is renowned for its vast mangrove plantations, community-initiated reforestation, and double reef system. To determine the different forest land uses therein, the study employed a maximum likelihood classification method using two Landsat images of different periods. Results revealed three distinct forest land uses, namely: dense mature stand; dense intermediate stand; and sparse mangrove area. Land use change detection analysis was also conducted. Findings suggest that mangrove cover has generally improved from 1993 to 2004, as seen in the expansion of dense plantations over sparsely vegetated areas. Such change is attributable to continuous reforestation activities by the local community. Minor deforestation was also recorded due to various natural and anthropogenic causes. Comparing the area of deforestation with the increase in plantations, the results suggest that reforestation has compensated or exceeded the rate of cover loss. In order to further improve the geospatial results, the study recommends the use of high resolution images covering other years for better analysis of land use change.

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Gevana, Dixon
Camacho, Leni
Carandang, Antonio
Camacho, Sofronio
Im, Sangjun


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