Capacity Assessment of Land Administration and Management in Bangladesh: Critical Reflections on Institutional Processes, Capabilities and Gaps | Land Portal

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March 2016
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Capacity of local land administration has to be addressed for further strengthening the governance system with a view to deriving the benefits of socio-economic, political and cultural development for the common people of this country. It is true that in Bangladesh, voice in favour of effective land administration and management is becoming louder at the national level. Representatives of LGIs, development workers, civil society members and international development partners, time and again, are raising and firmly advocating this long-drawn issue at policy level. The policy makers have demonstrated their positive attitude and actions as well. However, the ground realities are far from certain as evidenced in the documents and practices.

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Prof Abul Barakat,
G M Suhrawardy,
Asmar Osman,
Niamat Ullah Sarker,
Abdus Sobhan,
Human Development and Research Centre


Uttaran, which means ‘transition’, in Bangla language, is a people centred organisation using a rights based approach to alleviate poverty, diversify livelihood opportunities and empower poor communities throughout the southwest region and gradually expanding to other parts of Bangladesh.  The core focus of Uttaran programs are human rights, land rights and agrarian reform, community based river basin management, sustainable water management, adaptation to climate change, ecological agriculture and food security.

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