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Library Alternatives to slash-and-burn

Alternatives to slash-and-burn

Alternatives to slash-and-burn

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December 2002
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This Policy Brief is the first in the series and introduces ASB and the issues it deals with. It also explains what ASB hopes to achieve through the series.The Brief demonstrates how the consortium supports decision making by policy makers:by developing tools and methods that allow dispassionate analysis of the issues associated with forest conservation and conversionby disseminating the knowledge and experience gained in dealing with these issuesThese briefs provide a vehicle for distilling the lessons derived from experiences at the local or national levels for a broader, international audience.Examples of topics that will be covered:the quantification of carbon storage and the trade-off between biodiversity and profitability in different land-use systemsthe relationships between property rights and land usethe measures that can be taken to control smoke from land clearingIn each case, the approach taken will be to integrate environmental and developmental perspectives and to combine biophysical knowledge with insights into social and economic realities.ASB has several new initiatives designed to achieve impact by applying the knowledge gained from the programme's past research. These are accompanied by increased support for the formulation and implementation of relevant policy and institutional innovations. ASB will also fill information gaps regarding local environmental services at the landscape level such as erosion control and water supply. Finally, it will place more emphasis on empowering local groups to monitor their changing environment and manage resource conflicts at various levels.

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