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Library Guidelines for applying protected area management categories

Guidelines for applying protected area management categories

Guidelines for applying protected area management categories

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December 2007
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The IUCN protected area management categories are a global framework, recognised by the Convention on Biological Diversity, for categorising the variety of protected area management types. The following guidelines provide direction, descriptions, principles and advice in the application of the IUCN protected area management categories in particular biomes and management approaches.The document is broken into different sections focusing on key discussions on IUCN protected area management, which are included below.

What does IUCN’s mean by “protected area” and what is the purpose behind the categories? Each category is described by its main objective, distinguishing features, role in the landscape or seascape, unique points and actions that are compatible or incompatible
Although categories are independent of who owns, controls, or has responsibility for management, governance is still very important. Governance types by government bodies, indigenous peoples, communities and private bodies are identified in order to help in understanding, planning for and recording protected areas.
What processes are used for applying categories?The discussion looks at: choosing and agreeing the most suitable category for a given situation; assigning the category to meet national and international standards; and recording the protected area and category with the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Protected areas embrace a huge range of biomes, ownership patterns and motivations. Specific cases are looked at in more detail where in the past there has been cause of confusion on the management objectives set and the subsequent categories that are then applied. Examples include: forests, sacred natural sites, freshwater areas, etc.
How do Ramsar and the World Heritage conventions relate to the IUCN categories?
Effectiveness of categories - options are examined as to ways of assessing protected areas that are failing to meet their objective in their category more effective.

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