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Library International Livestock Research Institute. Medium-term plan 2009-11

International Livestock Research Institute. Medium-term plan 2009-11

International Livestock Research Institute. Medium-term plan 2009-11

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December 2008
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This strategy takes into account the new market opportunities being created for small-scale livestock producers by increasing local and global demand for high-quality livestock products (termed the Livestock Revolution) and the many pathways by which livestock has traditionally reduced poverty. Specific research programs address: 1 the vulnerability of livestock producers to income loss when their livestock assets are lost to disease or inadequate forage and water as well as their vulnerability to zoonotic diseases; 2 the challenge of sustainable intensification of smallholder livestock systems for increased productivity; and 3 the potential for sustainable increases in income from expanding markets for safe, high-quality, and affordable livestock products. In addition to coordinating the CGIAR Systemwide Livestock Research program, which enables all centres to collaborate in research on a range of cross-cutting livestock problems, ILRI pursues its research agenda through four inter-related projects relating to the outcomes. Project 1. Targeting and Innovation. Project 2. Improving Market Opportunities. Project 3. Biotechnology - Biosciences and bioinformatics for animal health and genetics. Project 4. People, Livestock and the Environment. Within each theme, research is implemented in three operating projects that focus on research outcomes in the medium term (58 years). These operating projects are further elaborated. Since its preparation of the 2008-2010 MTP, ILRI has continued to implement important initiatives that were highlighted in that MTP: establishment of the Biosciences east and central Africa (BecA) platform, alignment with ICRAF in corporate and research support services, expanded human resource capacity development; and others. Drawing on recommendations from the External Program Management Review (EPMR), partners, the Board of Trustees, and various Center-Commissioned External Reviews (CCERs), ILRI has, since the 2008-2010 MTP: sharpened the focus of Projects 1 and 4; reshaped its vaccine program; expanded its efforts in West and southern Africa and South/Southeast Asia; and closed research activities in Latin America, redefining its role in that region to support of programs led by others. The major changes in ILRI's portfolio since the 2008-2010 MTP are also highlighted. Changes from previous MTP Outputs are also summerised.

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