Improving Tenure Security for the Rural Poor: Mali Country Case Study. Working Paper No. 4. FAO. | Land Portal

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November 2006
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The present study aims to clarify the various issues regarding land security of poor and other marginalized groups in Malian rural areas. It looks into questions relating to how poor and vulnerable groups obtain access to land and natural resources, and what factors cause their exclusion. It analyzes existing methods for formalizing land rights and land transactions and their impacts on the poor. Specific attention is given to the practical organization of the procedures for formalization and recording land rights.Any study of “land security” requires knowing whose rights are to be secured and protected,from whom or what they are to be secured, and how and why they are to be secured. The majority of the rural population in Mali is poor. Thus, this paper approaches the issue of land from the rural perspective with particular focus on the more underprivileged rural groups. Based on literature review and field research, the study i) examines modes of access to land and natural resources in Mali and their effects on the land tenure situations of poor and vulnerable groups; and ii) analyses the methods used for securing access to land and natural resources for
those groups.

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Moussa Djiré

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