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October 2023
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Struggles to control valuable land, natural and mineral resources are at the heart of many conflicts around the world. Many have their roots in colonial conquest and post-colonial resource grabbing by colluding local and global elites. Land conflicts frequently entail clashes of values and meanings associated with land. Conflict risk is rising with climate change and the race to control critical mineral and water resources. Millions of people face loss of livelihoods and displacement.

This background paper examines the many meanings associated with land. It explores the triggers for land and resource conflict. It explains key concepts and terms and explores how the different framings of land and resource conflicts can shape and distort how we understand the issues. It reviews international law, policies and frameworks and the legal protection against human rights abuses and resource dispossession. It provides vignettes of countries with long histories of land related conflict.

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Rick de Satge


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