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January 2008
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Article One:

This law is enacted the provisions of paragraph two article nine of constitution of Afghanistan in order to regulate the affairs of the land.


Article Two:

Objectives of the law have included:

  1. The establishment of single and prestigious system of land in the country.
  2. Regulating the offices of estate and after checking trustworthy documents, registration of lands in related offices.
  3. Collecting figures and statistics of the properties to use it in the future planning of economic and development of the government.
  4. Resolving the problems caused by the implementation of reforms of the past systems.
  5. The separation of government property and persons and original, moor, pasture and dedicated lands.
  6. Distribution of the governmental, original and moor lands.
  7. Return of the land that had been distributed non-legal and illegal.
  8. Creation of favorable basis for the active and widespread presence of private sector in land.
  9. Prevent the usurpation of state property.
  10. Provide access for people to the ground.

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