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Library Land Adjudication Act, 1992.

Land Adjudication Act, 1992.

Land Adjudication Act, 1992.
An Act to provide for the adjudication of rights and interests in land and for purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto

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The Minister may declare adjudication areas for the purposes of this Act (sect. 3). After a declaration made under section 3, the Minister shall appoint a land Adjudication Tribunal for the adjudication (sect. 4). The Tribunal consists of an Adjudicator and two other members who shall be land surveyors or, lawyers or land economists. The Adjudicator, assisted by a demarcator and a records officer appointed under section 4, plays an importation role in procedures for the preparation of an adjudication. Sections of Part IV outline principles of adjudication. (26 sections divided into 6 Parts)

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