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Library Land Acquisition Ordinance.

Land Acquisition Ordinance.

Land Acquisition Ordinance.
An Ordinance to authorize the acquisition of land for public purposes.

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This Ordinance makes provision for the acquisition by the State of land which in the consideration of the Governor-in-Council should be acquired for public purposes. The Governor-in-Council may cause a declaration to this effect and the declaration shall be conclusive evidence that the land to which it relates is required for public purposes. A preliminary survey may be made by an authorized officer under section 4. As soon as a declaration is made the authorized officer shall without delay enter into negotiations for the purchase of land to which the declaration relates upon reasonable terms and conditions and by voluntary agreement with the owner of the land (sect. 6). A notice of acquisition shall be issued under section 7. The authorized officer may require, by notice the owner or any person interested in the land a written statement with respect to interests in the land to which the declaration relates such as mortgage, lease, tenancy (sect. 8). Within three months after entry on any land under section 4 has been made, any person having an interested in the land may require that the acquisition of the land be completed or abandoned (sect. 9). All questions and claims relating to the payment of compensation under this Ordinance and the apportionement of compensation shall be submitted to a Board of Assessment to be appointed in each case in accordance with provisions of section 12 (sect. 11). Sections 13 to 22 provide for the assessment of compensation. Section 25 contains special provisions as to leases on land to be acquired. Persons in possession of land or enjoying rents or profits shall be deemed to be the owner of the land until the contrary is proved. (32 sections)

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