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Library Law on Privatisation of 1991.

Law on Privatisation of 1991.

Law on Privatisation of 1991.

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The aim of this Law is to define the basic concepts and procedures for the privatisation of property in Moldova. All branches of the country's economic, cultural and social sectors are open to privatisation, except national defence, cultural heritage, state monopolies and property which supplies part of the "state-guaranteed minimun free social services" (art. 2). Funds obtained from privatisation go to form the "Republic Privatization Fund" (art. 6). The Moldova State Department for Privatisation, a special agency accountable to the Parliament, is created (art. 7). Two principal methods of privatization are envisaged: alienation through auctions and competitive bidding, or sale of stocks and shares (art. 11). Article 14 relates to privatisation of agricultural property, which is allotted according to the Land Code but may not be alienated before January 2001.

Implemented by: Decree on the Procedures for Implementing the Law on Privatisation of 1992. (1991-07-04)

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