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Library Irrigation Schemes Act (No. 52 of 1990).

Irrigation Schemes Act (No. 52 of 1990).

Irrigation Schemes Act (No. 52 of 1990).

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"Irrigation scheme" is defined as any water supply works constructed by or on behalf of the Minister of Works and Development or the Minister of Agriculture under Part XIX of the Public Works Act 1981, and includes (a) Pipelines, canals, water races, dams, weirs, and other facilities; (b) Any right to enter, use, occupy, carry out work on, or store water on, any land, or to the support of any land for any dam, pursuant to section 223 of the Public Works Act 1981; (c) Any mining privilege, or right to dam any river or stream or to divert, take, use, or discharge water, for the purposes of any such works; (d) Any use of land permitted under a district scheme under the Town and Country Planning Act 1977, or under any provision; (e) Any agreement for the supply of water for the purposes of any such works. The Act allows the Government to sell or dispose of irrigation schemes, and if necessary land or interests in land, to individuals, local authorities or other public bodies (sect. 3), specifying the related property law matters. For example, existing water rights are transferred together with ownership of irrigation schemes (sect. 7). Local authorities acquiring more than 50% shares in irrigation schemes shall operate on a commercial basis (sect. 14). On disposal of irrigation schemes any Orders in Council constituting irrigation districts under the Public Works Act of 1981 shall be deemed to have been revoked (sect. 18).

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