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An Act to provide for the sustainable use of land and natural resources on it.The text of Part I consists of 18 sections divided into 7 Chapters: Purposes of the Act (I); Application sphere of the Act (II); Land use authorities in municipalities and counties (III); Protection of cultivation and arable land (IV); Partition of agricultural land (V); Expropriation and valuation (VI); Miscellaneous provisions (VII).Chapter IV provides for the protection of agricultural use of land and the protection of agricultural land against misuse by men. Land used for agriculture or forestry cannot be divided without consent of the Department of Agriculture (sect. 12). Expropriation of agricultural land by the Department may take place for purposes as set out in section 1. Provisions of Part III amend various Acts including the Forestry Management and Conservation Act and the Land Reform Act (No. 77 of 1979).

Implemented by: Decree on financial aid for conservation of landscape and on the basis of acreage. (2000-07-05)
Implemented by: Decree No. 546 of 1995 relative to delegation to municipalities, county agricultural councils, county governors, and the State Agricultural Bank and relative to procedures of handling in municipalities and internal working relationship between county agricultural councils, county governors as regards matters within pursuant to the Concessions Act, the Freehold Land Act and the Land Use Act. (1997-06-19)
Implemented by: Decree No. 547 of 1995 relative to the registration of arable land which is abandoned or lies fallow. (2006-10-30)
Implemented by: Decree relative to new cultivation of land (No. 423 of 1997). (2003-12-08)
Implemented by: Decree relative to incentives for ecological agriculture (No. 1108 of 1998). (1998-12-02)
Implemented by: Decree relative to incentives for alternative treatment of the soil. (2000-07-05)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 56 on compensation and subsidies to climate-related damages in plant and honey production. (2012-01-17)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1020 on emergency storage of seed grains. (2012-10-30)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1490 on price subsidies in the agricultural sector. (2008-12-19)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 769 on subsidy for drainage of agricultural land. (2013-06-25)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1227 on subsidy for breeding. (2006-11-08)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1064 on subsidy to regional environmental initiatives in the agriculture sector, Oslo and Akershus. (2013-06-25)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1816 on funds for investment and enterprise development in agriculture. (2014-12-19)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1817 on production subsidy and subsidies in agriculture. (2014-12-19)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1815 on subsidies for the provision of manure for biogas plants. (2014-12-19)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1221 on subsidies in the agricultural sector. (2015-10-19)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 910 on subsidies for environmental measures in agriculture in Finnmark. (2013-07-10)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 904 on regional environmental subsidies for agriculture in Buskerud. (2013-07-01)
Implemented by: Decree relative to investment incentives for environment enhancement measures (No. 558 of 1998). (1998-05-22)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 206 on subsidy for pasture projects. (2013-02-04)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 992 on regional environmental subsidies for agriculture in Oppland municipality. (2013-08-13)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 539 on animals import fees for slaughtering. (2012-06-13)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 818 on compensation subsidy for participating in the "Healthier Goats" Project. (2013-07-01)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 129 on rates for transport of slaughter. (2014-02-12)
Implemented by: Decree No. 791 relative to planning of the use of fertilising substances. (2002-06-24)
Implemented by: Decree No. 1200 of 1996 relative to planning and approval of roads for agricultural and forestry purposes. (2003-12-08)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1333 related to plants and measures against pests. (2000-12-01)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 282 on rates of freight subsidy for transportation of concentrates. (2013-03-14)
Implemented by: Regulation No. 1932 on subsidies for transport of slaughter livestock. (2014-12-18)
Implemented by: Decree relative to animal manure (No. 1093 of 1998). (1998-11-26)
Amends: Act relating to forestry and the protection of forests. (2000-11-24)
Amends: Act No. 77 of 1979 relative to consolidation, etc. of land (Land Consolidation Act). (2011-03-03)
Amends: Act No. 19 of 1974 relative to concessions for the acquisition of real property (Concessions Act). (2001-05-04)

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