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The Minister, after consultation with the Minister for Finance, shall cause a private company conforming to the conditions laid down in this Act to be formed and registered under the Companies Acts (sect. 9). The principal objects of the company shall be stated in its memorandum of association to be (a) to carry on the business of forestry and related activities on a commercial basis and in accordance with efficient silvicultural practices, (b) to establish and carry on woodland industries, (c) to participate with others in forestry and related activities consistent with its objects, designed to enhance the effective and profitable operation of the company, and (d) to utilise and manage the resources available to it in a manner consistent with the above objects (sect. 12). The company shall submit to and agree with the Minister each year a programme for the sale and acquisition of land and the sale of timber, whether standing or felled (sect. 14). The Minister may at the request of the company or on his own behalf make bye-laws to regulate access to or use of any land owned, managed or used by the company (sect. 37). On the vesting day all land (other than land designated by the Minister) which was vested in the Minister and was used or had been acquired for the purposes of functions assigned by this Act to the company and all rights, powers and privileges relating to or connected with such land shall, without any conveyance or assignment stand vested in the company (sect. 39). (53 sections)

Implemented by: Forestry (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order 2003 (S.I. No. 691 of 2003). (2003-12-16)
Amended by: Forestry (Amendment) Act 2009 (No. 40 of 2009). (2009-12-20)
Amends: Forestry Act 1946. (2000-08-15)

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