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Library Regional Act No. 42 on forestry.

Regional Act No. 42 on forestry.

Regional Act No. 42 on forestry.

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This Act regulates interventions in matter of better exploitation of the soil, of the environment and of agri-sylvipastoral resources. For this purpose there shall be a rational selvicultural management, the improvement of biological balances and the prevention of hydrogeological disasters. Particular regard shall be given to the protection of the environment and to the improvement of existing forests and of productive and social potential.The following measures shall be taken for the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives: (a) afforestion of degraded and destroyed forests as well as conservation, management and protection of forests; (b) assessment of the hydrogeological resources and protection of rivers; (c) promotion of fire-fighting activities and construction of infrastructures. Further the Act sets out the competent authorities for the approval of special development plans. The Region will formulate an inventory of regional forests (21 Articles)

Amended by: Regional Act No. 11 amending and supplementing Regional Act No. 42 on forestry. (2004-05-26)
Amended by: Regional Act No. 13 on the protection of forests against fires. (2005-02-22)

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