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Library Land Registration Act.

Land Registration Act.

Land Registration Act.
Being an Act to unify the law relating to the registration of title to land, and for related purposes.

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An Act to provide for the registration of titles in land, for the appointment of the Registrar of Titles and Deputy Registrars of Title, and to set out certain requirements for the transfer of land, the creation of a lease, mortgage and other rights in land.The Act consists of 193 sections divided into 19 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Registration generally (III); State leases (IV); Transfer of land (V); Leases (VI); Mortgages and charges (VII); Caveats (VIII); Easements and similar interests (IX); Implied covenants and powers (X); Trusts (XI); Transmissions (XII); Powers of attorney (XIII); Fees and assurance fund (XIV); Remedies (XV); Amendment of description of land (XVI); Powers of Registrar and Deputy Registrar (XVII); Miscellaneous (XVIII); Transitional (XIX).Section 9 concerns the keeping of the Register by the Registrar appointed under section 4. Sections 10 and 11 provide for (effects of) certificates of title issued by the Registrar. Sections 23 to 31 regulate the registration process. Sections 32 and 33 provide for evidence and protection of registered proprietors. Part IV provides for the registration of state leases, i.e. leases granted by the State and including a lease granted or continued in operation under the Land Act. Section 42 (Part V) sets out form requirements for the transfer of land, whereas section 49 (Part VI) sets out (form) requirements for the creation of a lease. Part XI contains rules relative to creation of trusts, the nomination of trustees, dealings of trustees as beneficial owners, etc. The Registrar shall not enter in the register a memorial or entry of a trusts (sect. 104).

Implemented by: Land Registration Regulation 1999. (2006-11-25)

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