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This Act is divided into 35 sections and 10 parts as follows: (1) Lands Branch; (2) Dealings in Crown Lands Reservations from Dispositions; (3) Power of Lieutenant Governor in Council; (4) Powers and Duties of Minister; (5) Dispositions; (6) Assignments; (7) Remedies Recovery of Rents and Royalties; (8) Forfeiture; (9) Possession of Land Adversely Held; (10) Prohibitions and Penalties; The Department of Natural Resources known as the "Lands Branch" which manages and administers Crown lands is continued. Section 4(1) lists what is reserved to the Crown out of every disposition of Crown land. The powers and duties of the Minister relate to Leases, permits, the subdivision of townsites, administering tariff of fees for leases, licences, and maintaining registers and lists of disposed of lands. Section 24(1) outlines the remedies where any rent, royalty, or consideration is in arrears, in respect of the use of Crown lands or any right, interest, or estate payable to the Crown. Section 25 specifies under what circumstances forfeiture can take place and its procedure. Possession proceedings are outlined in detail where there is wrongful possession. Most notably, section 34 states that no person may acquire title to or any claim upon Crown land by any length of possession.

Implemented by: Agricultural Crown Land Leases Regulation (Man. Reg. 168/2001). (2001-11-09)
Implemented by: Crown Lands Fees Regulation (Man. Reg. 130/91). (1998)
Implemented by: Land Administration Fees Regulation (Man. Reg. 216/89). (2003)
Implemented by: Agricultural Crown Lands Grazing and Hay Permits Regulation (Man. Reg. 288/88). (2001)
Implemented by: Posting of Crown Lands Regulation (Man. Reg. 175/95). (1996-11-14)

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