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This Regulation contains 35 precedent forms specified throughout the Land Titles Act, as indicated by the sections: Form 1.1 Notice to Creditor to take Proceeding (sect. 17.2); Form 2.1 Creditor's Statement of Debtor's Land (sect. 7.1); Form 3 Repealed AR 231/99 s3; Form 4 Application To Bring Land Under the operation of the Land Titles Act (sect. 38); Form 5 Affidavit Verifying Application in Form 4 (sect. 38); Form 6 Affidavit concerning the Hudson's Bay Company's Land (sect. 38); Form 7 Receipt or Discharge by Mortgagee or Encumbrances (sects. 39 and 108); Form 8 Transfer (sect. 68); Form 9 Grant of Easement or Right of Way (sect. 68); Form 10 Transfer of Crown Interest (sect. 69); Form 10.1 Discharge of Easement, Restrictive Covenant Party Wall Agreement or Encroachment Agreement (sect. 72.4); Form 11 Alberta Land Surveyor's Certificate (sect. 78); Form 12 Dominion Land Surveyor's Certificate (sect. 78); Form 12A Consent to Plan of Subdivision (sect. 86); Form 13 Lease (sect. 98); Form 14 Surrender of Lease (sect. 103); Form 15 Mortgage (sect. 105); Form 16 Encumbrance (sect. 105); Form 17 Postponement (sect. 108.1); Form 18 Transfer of Mortgage, Encumbrance, or Lease (sect. 110); Form 19 Transfer of Part of Mortgage or Encumbrance (sect. 110); Form 20 Power of Attorney (sect. 115); Form 21 Revocation of Power of Attorney (sect. 115); Form 21.1 Discharge of Writ of Execution (sect. 123); Form 22 Repealed AR 231/99 s20. Form 23 Repealed AR 231/99 s20. Form 24 Repealed AR 231/99 s20. Form 25 Repealed AR 231/99 s21. Form 26 Caveat Forbidding Registration (sect. 130); Form 27 Affidavit in Support of Caveat (sect. 131); Form 28 Notice of Change of Address for Service (sect. 132); Form 28a Transfer of Caveat (sect. 135.1); Form 29 Notice to Caveator to Take Proceedings on Caveat (sect. 137); Form 30 Certificate of Lis Pendens (sects. 17.2, 137 and 146); Form 30a Withdrawal of Certificate of Lis Pendens (sect. 148.1); Form 31 Affidavit of Attestation of an Instrument (sects. 151 and 152); Form 31 Affidavit of Attestation of an Instrument by Marksman (sects. 151 and 152); Form 31.1 Affidavit Verifying Corporate Signing Authority (sect. 152.3); Form 32 Affidavit re Value of Land (sect. 154); Form 33 Mineral Certificate (sect. 169); Form 34 Reference by Registrar to the Judge (sect. 175); Form 35 Demand to Return Instrument (sect. 177).

Implements: Land Titles Act (RSA 2000, c. L-4) (2015-03-30)

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