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Library Sand Erosion Order.

Sand Erosion Order.

Sand Erosion Order.

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This Order, of 6 Parts and 18 sections, makes provision for the prevention of sand from eroding agricultural land and to enable cultivation of land that was eroded by sand. Part I, Preface. Section 3 defines the target of this Order. Whenever the Forests Clerk decides that an agricultural terrain has been or is in danger to be eroded by sand, in the measure that can cause damage for the cultivations, he can order to notify with an official note listing the place, the land and the borders of the damaged terrain and the operations to be done in order to stop sand erosion or to save a damaged land. Part 2 concerns registered land-holders. Sections 4 and 5 regard the notification of a land holder regarding the operations to be done and the request for the holder to participate with operations expenses. Sections 6 and 7 deal with cases in which the land-holder refuses to participate with operations expenses. Part 3 regards non registered land-holders. Part 4 regards the participation of village people with operations. Sectopms 11-13 regard village assembly procedures and its resolutions. Part 5, section 14, regards donations for operation expenses coverage. Section 15 regards the usage of land that has been saved from Sand erosion. The people of a village that have participated in saving operations of a land shall benefit of the land, its’ trees and plants. Section 16 establishes that all lands that have been saved from sand erosion according to this Order shall be considered as Forest Areas as listed in Parts 3, 4, 6 and 7 of the Forests Order. Section 17 gives powers to the government to do works for the prevention and the stopping of sand erosion even if the land-holder or the village people have refused to participate with operations. Part 7 regards regulations to this Order.

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