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Library Land Registration Act 1992/1993.

Land Registration Act 1992/1993.

Land Registration Act 1992/1993.
An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the registration of deeds affecting Land and for matters incidental thereto.

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There shall continue to be a Registrar of Land who shall be the Director for the time being of Lands, Surveys and Environment. The Registrar shall maintain the Land Register whereas the Department of Lands, Surveys and the Environment shall administer this Act. When after the commencement of this Act any land becomes Public land, or freehold land, or any customary land lease is created, it shall be the duty of the Registrar to include such Public land or freehold land or upon application, such customary land lease in the Land Register. No instrument of title shall in any manner affect the legal title to land until and unless such instrument is registered in the Land Register in accordance with this Act. Any two or more persons named in any instrument of title as transferees, mortgagees, or proprietors of any estate or interest in land, shall, unless the contrary is expressed, be deemed to be entitled as joint tenants with right of survivorship and every such instrument when registered shall take effect accordingly.

Repeals: Samoa Land Registration Order 1920. (1972)

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