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Library Regulations on Nature Conservation, No. 205 of 1973.

Regulations on Nature Conservation, No. 205 of 1973.

Regulations on Nature Conservation, No. 205 of 1973.

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These Regulations have been adopted in implementation of the Nature Conservation Act of 1971. Articles 1 to 7 deal with the setting up of nature conservation committees on each county and town, as well as in the city of Reykjavik. The task of these committees is to further the nature conservation in their district. They shall submit annual reports on their activities (art. 5). Articles 8 to 14 concern the right of access to public lands and the right of free passage, under certain circumstances, through private lands. In uncultivated areas everyone is allowed to collect berries for immediate consumption. The use of tools is prohibited if this may cause damage to vegetation (art. 10). In accordance with article 11, it is prohibited to throw away waste in the open countryside, as well as to deposit such waste into the sea, on beaches, into rivers, lakes or streams. As regards the declaration of protection of particular areas, the Nature Conservation Council shall compile a register of their natural features (art. 24). The Ministry of the Environment is entitled to expropriate land, constructions and rights in order to implement conservation measures laid down in the Nature Conservation Act (art. 30). As regards mining, in public land all excavation of earth materials listed in article 34 shall be prohibited without permission from the Ministry of the Environment. If the landscape has been disturbed through construction works or mining activities, those who have caused the disturbance shall be required to restore the site (art. 36). Article 41 sets out penalties.

Implements: Nature Conservation Act, No. 47 of 1971. (1971-04-16)

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