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Library Heritage Resources Act (C.C.S.M. c. H39.1).

Heritage Resources Act (C.C.S.M. c. H39.1).

Heritage Resources Act (C.C.S.M. c. H39.1).

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The present Act establishes an appointed body, the Manitoba Heritage Council. The Council advises and makes recommendation to the Minister of Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism on provincial commemoration and legal protection of sites and structures. Council members represent various regions of Manitoba, have heritage expertise and make recommendations on proposals by applying standard assessment criteria to ensure consistent and objective decision-making. A provincially designated heritage site cannot be damaged, destroyed, removed, repaired or developed unless a heritage permit is obtained from the Department of Culture, Heritage and Tourism. Similarly, alterations to municipal heritage sites require a heritage permit obtained from the designating municipal government. This ensures that renovations or improvements made to a site or structure are sympathetic to its architectural and/or historic nature. The text consists of 72 sections divided into 5 Parts as follows: Designation of the heritage sites (I); Protection of sites (II); Designation of municipal heritage sites (III); Heritage objects and human remains (IV); General (V).

Implemented by: Heritage Sites Designation Regulation (Man. Reg. 122/88). (2011)
Implemented by: Heritage Objects Designation Regulation (Man. Reg. 160/89). (2002)

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