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Library Republic of Estonia Principles of Ownership Reform Act (1991).

Republic of Estonia Principles of Ownership Reform Act (1991).

Republic of Estonia Principles of Ownership Reform Act (1991).

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Objects of ownership reform are unlawfully expropriated land with inseparably attached natural objects, structures, ships entered in the register of ships, agricultural inventory, machinery in production buildings, stocks and share certificates, without considering incumbent loans (Paragraph 9).The Principles of Ownership Reform Act determines the purpose, content, object and subjects of and the procedure for ownership reform, and is the basis for other legislation necessary for ownership reform. The purpose of ownership reform is to restructure ownership relations in order to ensure the inviolability of property and free enterprise, to undo the injustices caused by violation of the right of ownership and to create the preconditions for the transfer to a market economy. Return of property to or compensation of former owners or their legal successors for property in the course of ownership reform shall not prejudice the interests protected by law of other persons or cause new injustices. The Act consists of 5 sections that contain 42 paragraphs. Section 1 (paragraphs 1-5) lays down general provisions. Section 2 (paragraphs 6-19) regards return of and compensation for unlawfully expropriated property. Chapter 3 (paragraphs 20-31) regards municipalisation. Chapter 4(paragraphs 32-41) regards privatisation. Chapter 5 (paragraph 42) regards re-nationalisation.

Implemented by: Republic of Estonia Act on Establishment of Simplified Procedure for Proving Unlawfulness of Expropriation of Property (1991) (2002-06-01)

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