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Library Privatisation Act (1993).

Privatisation Act (1993).

Privatisation Act (1993).

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This Act determines the conditions and procedure for privatisation of assets in state ownership and in the ownership of local governments in connection with the termination of the activities of the Estonian Privatisation Agency. If a municipalized structure with a privatisation obligation is transferred into the ownership of a local government together with the land under the structure and the land necessary for servicing the structure, the privatisation obligation extends to the land or to the right of superficies to be constituted for the benefit of the owner of the structure (Paragraph 2). The organization of the privatisation of state land and the rights and obligations arising therefrom are transferred to the county governments (Paragraph 11). The Act consists of 7 Chapters that contain 32 Paragraphs. Chapter 1 (Paragraphs 1-5) lays down general provisions. Chapter 2 (Paragraphs 6-11) regards Government Agency Organising Privatisation. Chapter 3 (Paragraphs 12-17) regards preparation of privatisation. Chapter 4 (Paragraphs 18-27) establishes privatization procedure. Chapter 5 (Paragraphs 28-30) regards privatisation voucher and use thereof. Chapter 6 (Paragraphs 31-32) regards specifications for privatisation concerning certain assets. Chapter 7 regards amendment and repeal of legislation regulating privatisation.

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