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Library Clean Air Conservation Act.

Clean Air Conservation Act.

Clean Air Conservation Act.

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July 1990
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The purpose of this Act is to prevent danger and damage to the national health and environment due to air pollution, and to manage and preserve properly the atmospheric environment (art. 1). The Minister of Environment shall provide for installation of a network measuring devices, and measure at all times the degree of air pollution in Korea and the Special Metropolitan City Mayor, Metropolitan City Mayor or Do-Governor shall do the same for its area of jurisdiction and report to the Minister (art. 3). The Minister of Environment or the Mayor/Do governor may expropriate or use land, building or things fixed to the land, if required for installing the measuring network according to the measuring network installation program notified publicly under Article 4. If the degree of the air pollution exceeds the environmental standards for atmosphere as prescribed in Article 10 of the Framework Act on Environmental Policy an air pollution warning to an affected area may be issued pursuant to article 7-2. Ad-hoc measures to reduce air pollution in affected areas may be taken by local authorities. The Government shall participate actively in international efforts to reduce the emission of matter inducing any change in climate and ecosystem. Chapter 2 prescribes measures to reduce air pollution caused by stationary air pollutant emission facilities. The Minister of Environment may designate and announce publicly areas as air environment regulation areas (art. 8-3). Chapter III concerns emission of pollutants caused by dust, fuels, volatile organic compounds, etc, whereas Chapter IV provides exclusively with respect to exhaust gasses produced by automobiles. The remaining part of the Act contains penal provisions and provisions of miscellaneous nature.

Implemented by: Enforcement Decree of the Clean Air Conservation Act. (2004-03-17)

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