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January 1978
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The National Conservation Council is established under section 4. The Council shall advise the Minister on (establishment of) Conservation Areas and advise the Minister on the formulation of rules applicable to conservation areas, and on the administration and control of conservation areas and carry out other functions set out in section 9.

The Minister or a group of interested persons may initiate procedures for the declaration of an area has particular biological, topographical, geological, historical, scientific or social significance or other special value for the present community or for future generations as a Conservation Area (sect. 12).

A recommendation in this sense by the Minister shall be open for inspection and observations and thereafter be submitted to the Nation Executive Council (sects. 13 to 16). Conservation Areas shall be declared by the Head of State. The Minister shall keep a Register of conservation areas and shall establish a Conservation Area Management Committee for each conservation area (sects. 18 to 25).

Functions of a Management Committee are set out in section 27. The Minister may make Rules for the make rules for the protection, development, land use activities, management and control of the conservation area pursuant to section 28. Sections 29 and following concern development in Conservation Areas. Amended by: Conservation Areas (Amendment) Act 2014 (No. 2 of 2014). (2014-04-07)

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