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Library Physical Planning Regulation 1990.

Physical Planning Regulation 1990.

Physical Planning Regulation 1990.

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This Regulation implements provision of the Physical Planning Act by providing for zoning of land by a Board in accordance with the zones set out in Schedule 1 to this Regulation, applications for planning permission, registers of all applications for planning permission to be kept by every Board, notification of grant of planning permission, appeals to be lodged by the Papua New Guinea Physical Planning Appeals Tribunal, contents of development plans ordered by the Minister or a provincial minister, publicity for a draft development plan, submission of a development plan to a Board and modifications ordered by a Board, subdivision of urban areas, and development within a redevelopment zone including development within a national park or a conservation area. (39 regulations completed by 1 Schedule)

Implements: Physical Planning Act 1989. (2006)

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Hupperts, Rudolph (CONSLEGB)

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