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Library Forest Regulations, 2001.

Forest Regulations, 2001.

Forest Regulations, 2001.

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Regulations to implement provisions of the Forests Act and to provide for various other matters.The 74 regulations are placed under the following headings: Preliminary (regs. 1-4); Forest roads (regs. 5-12); Forest fires (regs. 13-17); Trespass (regs. 18-29); Enforcement (regs. 30-39); Community catchment areas (regs. 40-45); Private forestry (regs. 46-52); Leases of forest estates (regs. 53-58); Forest recreation (regs. 59-61); General (regs. 62-74).Regulation 4 defines the contents of a forest management plan in the sense of section 8 of the Act. The plan shall contain, among other things, provisions on the protection of wildlife, water and soil. Regulations 5 to 12 regulate the use of forests roads including the connection of private roads to a forest road. Regulations 13 to 17 regulate the burning of fires in specified forest areas. A permit shall be required to do so but some lighting of fires is exempted from this requirement and other lighting of fires is altogether prohibited. Regulations 18 to 29 concern trespass by cattle and people through forest estates, protected areas or forest management areas. In addition, they also provide for the removal of timber and use of power-driven saws in such areas and sawmill licenses and permits. Regulations 30 to 30 prescribe measures of enforcement such as seizure of timber or forest produce, prohibit hunting in protected areas except with a permit of the Conservator of Forests and regulate cutting and removal of timber from private land adjacent to protected forest land. The Conservator may, in consultation with the national Resources Conservation Authority, establish community catchment areas for purposes of local conservation of water resources. The Conservator shall also, in consultation with forest management committees establish programmes for catchment areas with regard protection and conservation measures listed in regulation 40(2). Regulation 42 concerns the protection of wetlands. The Minister may establish a Forest Management and Conservation Fund to be used for forest conservation, protection and development activities listed in regulation 44. Private land declared to be a forest estate, forest management area or protected area shall be managed in accordance with a management plan prepared by the owner of the land (reg. 47). Regulations 49 to 52 concern the recognition of forest growers, the establishment of a Forest Growers Association of reforestation and sustainable forest development projects of private land. Regulations 53 to 58 concern terms for the granting, enforcement and application for land leases. Further provisions concern forest recreation activities, conditions for the sale of standing timber from forest estates (reg. 68), the power of the Conservator to establish standards and operational procedures for the implementation of forest practices with respect to activities listed in regulation 70. Furthermore, the Regulations provide for the establishment of Forests Research, a register of licenses granted under these Regulations, restraining orders and some other matters of miscellaneous character.

Implements: Forest Act, 1996. (1998)

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